Features and bug fixes

Significant feature releases and bug fixes are documented below.

Please note: BPIR Ready is self-funded by EBOSS and whilst we will endeavour to make improvements, we can only commit to limited maintenance and development.

3 Nov 2023

DOCX export functionality added

You can now download your BPIR Summary in DOCX instead of PDF, allowing for easy editing.

18 Sep 2023

Documentation items bug fix

Documentation items that were deleted were still visible in final view. This has been resolved.

14 Sep 2023

Character limits removed

Character limits removed for product identifier and description fields, allowing users to now identify large amounts of products covered by one summary. 

1 Sep 2023

Save updates when changing fields

A summary now saves updates when a user clicks into a different field on the same page (in addition to clicking a prev/next button).

22 Jul 2023

Ability to quickly navigate back to previous steps

In edit mode:

  • Left navigation steps are now clickable for quick editing (when step has previously been completed)
  • Review page now has edit links for quick editing of steps